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Kentucky inflicts tough penalties on those charged with Driving Under the Influence. Even first time offenders face license suspension,and tough fines.


You may be entitled to remove previous arrests and convictions from your record.


Learn how we can protect your driving rights and help keep your insurance rates low.


Kentucky inflicts tough penalties on those charged with Driving Under the Influence. Even first time offenders face license suspension,and tough fines.

Felony Defense Attorneys

While all charges deserve serious attention, felony charges are especially serious. Aside from the obvious penalties, felony convictions can permanently deprive you of vital constitutional rights. Our team not only address the specific charges, but also pay special attention to protect all of our clients' right.

A felony conviction usually carries a sentence of at least one year in prison. Additionally, the process for prosecuting felonies involves several extra steps. As a result, it is vital that you obtain experienced, aggressive representation early in the process. Preemptive steps can reduce the seriousness of the charges before a grand jury ever considers your case.

Persistent Felony Offenders

Felony charges carry additional penalties for those who have already been convicted of one or more felonies. The possibility of additional prison terms requires special consideration when negotiating a plea bargain or weighing the risks of trial. Our experienced defense attorneys understand the intricacies of Persistent Felony Offender prosecution.

Our criminal defense attorneys do much more than simply plea bargain or question witnesses in court. Our attorneys:

Provide our clients with a reality check, an objective perspective on their situation and what is likely to happen if their cases go to trial. This perspective is vital for defendants trying to decide whether to accept a plea bargain offered by the prosecutor.

Are familiar with important legal rules because many criminal law rules are hidden away in court interpretations of federal and state constitutions.

Are knowledgeable of local court practice and procedures that are vital to effective representation but aren't written down anywhere.

Understand the consequences of simply pleading guilty.

Spend crucial time defending each client’s case.

Our criminal lawyers have earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and police officers as aggressive, knowledgeable attorneys who are not afraid to tackle tough cases.


OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE - to provide you with experienced criminal defense. We know that when you are facing criminal charges, you face fines, loss of license or loss of your freedom. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime and needs honest and straight forward legal advice concerning your case, call our Louisville, Kentucky office at (502) 413-2995

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Our defense attorneys will work quickly to improve the probability of a reduced charge or dismissal. We will ensure that you understand each and every step of the criminal prosecution process. Our criminal defense attorneys proudly represent clients throughout Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Henry and Shelby, Spencer and Meade counties. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective results for our clients. Give us a call at (502) 413-2995 or contact us online to learn about how we can help you. At our firm, you will always speak directly to your defense attorney.

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For more than a decade, our lawyers have acquired a reputation for excellence in trial advocacy. Our founding partners are now among the most award-winning trial attorneys in Kentucky.

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